The indigenous Embera-Wounaan Community is located in a natural reserve between the Darien National Park and the Chagres National Park on the banks of major rivers tributaries of the Canal watershed. The area is a tropical paradise, rich in a diversity of vegetation and wildlife and home to one of Panama’s indigenous communities: Parará Purú or Embera Drua.

The tour departs with ground transportation to the dock on the San Juan River, where we board a pirogue (canoe) and travel downstream to the indigenous village where we will share in its history, culture and customs, including folk dances, a crafts display of natural fiber baskets and cocobolo wood and tagua nut carvings, and a typical lunch of fish, cassava and plantains, prepared by the community and served on banana leaves. The leader of the community will explain the medicinal use of some of the forest plants, and you can experience the ceremonial tattooing of geometric and animal shapes with jagua (vegetable seed). At the end of the day, the river and a spectacular waterfall await, perfect for a refreshing dip in natural pools in a stunning jungle setting (weather permitting).

INCLUDED: Ground transportation, river-crossing in a motorized pirogue, donation to the community and the park, typical lunch, fruit, soft drinks (soda), snacks and traditional tattoo.

RECOMMENDATIONS: Comfortable clothes, sport shoes or wet shoes, sunscreen, sunglasses, swimsuit, beach towel, additional change of clothes and repellent.


  • This tour is not available to pregnant women.
  • People under the influence of alcohol or illegal substances will not be accepted on this tour.
  • The visit to the waterfall may be canceled depending on weather conditions.



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